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Brilliance, Resilience and Social Innovation


Kairos Capital offers bespoke financial services to our esteemed clients. It started in 2007 with a vision to make a difference in people's lives using our passion and talents.

Opportune moments emerge unexpectedly and across various markets. We have the necessary experience and expertise to navigate through volatile financial markets. In some countries, capital can be scarce, and capital markets can be difficult to access for many reasons such as prevailing policies, geopolitical circumstances and commercial risks. We create access to capital markets for our clients who operate their business in these regions. Kairos Capital provides Investment Management, Corporate Finance & Management Strategy and Strategic Advice in Charity & Philanthropy. Our Singapore-based financial services firm has two principal objectives: the creation of sustainable and bespoke financial solutions and a commitment to help those in need by giving a portion of our net profits to make a social impact in Asia. 

The word Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning an undefined moment in time when perseverance yields an extraordinary outcome.

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