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Single and multi-family offices from around the world, and serving some of the largest  institutional investors of Asia, who come to us for our accessibility and proximity to deal flows across borders. 

Welcome to Kairos Capital

Empowering Investments Since 2008

Kairos Capital has proudly grown into an international investment firm, spanning Asia and the US. With established offices in Singapore, Seoul, and Irvine (US), we are now setting our sights on expanding further into Europe. Our journey began as a bespoke transactional advisory firm, and today, we specialize in alternative asset classes, offering a range of services that include Investment Advisory, Fund Management, and Corporate Transaction Services.


We take pride in serving some of the world's most influential institutional investors and esteemed families. Since our inception in 2008, our mission has been to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, all while adhering to ethical and socially responsible principles. At the heart of our success lie not just intelligence and experience but also a deep-rooted system of values that fuel our pursuit of excellence.



With a collective experience of 120 years, our dedicated team at Kairos Capital collaborates within a network of sector experts and investment professionals. We believe in acting locally while thinking globally, a philosophy that has led to our presence in Asia and North America. Our exciting journey continues as we set our sights on Europe, leveraging "The Circle," our strategic advantage that connects us with industry Advisors. This ensures we tap into domain expertise while maintaining efficiency, allowing us to provide exceptional advisory services to you.



In a world marked by fluctuating interest rates and capital scarcity, Kairos understands the intricacies of diverse capital markets. This knowledge advantage enables us to grant you access to these markets and bridge the funding gaps—a cornerstone of our cross-border services.



Our commitment to being a force for good predates the term's popularity. Philanthropy and championing social causes are integral to our identity. But our responsibility extends further. We take systematic risk management seriously and back it with advanced technology, including quantum-inspired computing, to ensure informed decisions that stand the test of time.

We are here to provide you the best service.

Please reach out by phone, email, or by the contact form on this site.

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