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Monitoring: Partnering for success.

Crisis relief, education, the environment, healthcare, minority protection, neglected communities, and poverty are the seven most pressing and overlooked issues in Asia today, according to research done by the Kairos Foundation. We approach our financial support strategically and consistently. This means we take on a portfolio approach of giving where funds allocated to a particular issues will be consistent overtime. This is true especially when a sudden surging demand arises and donors tend to over allocate one issue over all the rest of the issues. Flow of financial support can be life saving and the same time the lack of it can be life threatening. Financial support to philanthropic organisations and the fluctuation caused by exuberance will create reverse effects overtime.

At Kairos Foundation, we are aiming to make an impact in these areas, but we know that we have our work cut out for us, which is why monitoring the of donations we make is of paramount importance to us. However, as the number of recipients continues to grow and the regions covered enlarges, it will become more difficult for the foundation to monitor the individual performance of all its donation recipients closely. Therefore, Kairos Foundation has partnered with other nonprofit organizations consultancies. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in evaluating charitable organizations to ensure conformity to the Kairos Foundation standards.Typically the charity evaluation process begins with breaking down the project into phases or milestones. At the end of each phase, the philanthropic organization is evaluated by our partner consultancies to determine whether their milestones are satisfactory. Depending on the evaluation feedback provided, the Kairos Foundation has full discretion on continual support or withdrawal. who specialize in evaluating the performance and activities of charities in their locality.“Many members of our partner organizations are former and current management consultants from world-renowned firms who have volunteered for projects with independent NGOs and philanthropic organisations.

Please read more on the details about the 7 categories below.

7 Major Neglected Issues: About


1. Crisis relief – The impact of civil strife and natural disasters is usually widespread, with massive destruction of infrastructure and loss of lives. The conflict in Syria and the ISIS oppression in Iraq in 2015, have let to a wave of refugees migration from the Middle East to Europe. Through international organisations, Kairos Foundation will provide financial assistance, aid mobilization and raise awareness.



2. Education – In many Asian countries, insufficient public funding from the government to provide basic educational infrastructure and resources is common. This creates a cycle of poverty – in general, uneducated people are forced into low paying jobs and end up not being able to care for their family's basic needs nor their education.



3. Environment – Around the world, hundreds of millions of people do not have access to safe drinking water and billions of people are without adequate sanitation facilities. This harsh reality of life translates into thousands of deaths every day from water-related illnesses, the majority of them being children

7 Major Neglected Issues: Our Services
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4. Healthcare – About 90% of blind people live in the poorest areas of developing countries. However, 80% of them could see again if they had access to adequate eye care services. More broadly, the inaccessibility to public healthcare systems is a major problem in many developing nations where skilled healthcare professionals are short staffed, and poor infrastructure and financial resources are bottlenecks to immediate social needs.



5. Minority protection – Gender inequality in Asia, although slowly improving, is still one of the main overlooked issues. The Kairos Foundation feels that the following issues of gender inequality must be addressed: lack of educational and economic opportunities for women in some countries, limited legal rights and political participation of women, human trafficking and domestic violence against women. Orphans are another group of minorities that need support for basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and education.



6. Neglected communities – Refugees and ex-convicts are often times neglected primarily due to their social status. In some countries in Asia, refugees are not entitled to basic human rights. Furthermore, ex-convicts often times are not given the opportunity to re-integrate back into society.

7 Major Neglected Issues: Our Services


7. Poverty – Poverty is common in many developing countries, and some common characteristics are: poor housing quality, overcrowding of urban slums, malnourishment, inadequate sanitation and lack of basic educational services. Furthermore, as economies in Asia continue to grow, the poverty rate is also rising at an alarming rate.

7 Major Neglected Issues: Our Services
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