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Passion for Finance, Passion for People



We maintain the highest standard of professionalism and ethics. We maintain a risk-conscious, highly analytic approach to all aspects of our business. We are constantly evolving.

We follow established guidelines and stringent processes to avoid operational losses that occur in some parts of the financial industry. All investment decisions fall under risk control guidelines under constant review.

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We welcome new challenges and constantly push existing boundaries within our fields of expertise. Not settling for the status quo allows us to create new opportunities. This sets our business approach apart. In effect, we have no real competitors when it comes to serving your needs.Kairos Capital is sleek and robust due to an entrepreneurial spirit, empowerment for our agents“Advisors”, personal ownership and initiatives, lean communication, and a simple hierarchical structure.

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Since its incorporation in 2008, Kairos Capital has substantially matured regarding the diversity, quantity, and quality of its services. We constantly strive to improve our services and the gains created for our customers. This is part of our desire to evolve and stay on top of new technology and customer desires.


What will not change is the very purpose of Kairos Capital. Our primary objective is to generate healthy returns on investment for every one of our clients. At the same time, wealth creation should go hand in hand with charitable giving. By investing with us, investors get involved in social impact programs without additional cost as Kairos Capital donates parts of its net profits through Kairos Foundation.

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