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Our beliefs reflect our philosophy and draw upon the broader mission of the company.

Our Beliefs: News


As an investment company, Kairos Capital and its employees strive for the highest standard of professionalism and ethics. We maintain a risk-conscious and analytical approach to all aspects of our business. Regarding functional roles and operational duties, our employees demonstrate accuracy and precision in their work. Our work practices follow established guidelines and stringent processes to avoid the operational losses that sometimes occur in the financial industry. All investment decisions are subject to risk control guidelines that are under constant review. These high standards of operation allow Kairos Capital to establish an enviable reputation in the market and most importantly, maintain the capital interest of its clients.



The partners at Kairos Capital combine high moral standards required to operate a successful business with a dynamic, forward-looking approach needed to achieve the best returns on investments. Motivational factors at Kairos Capital include employee empowerment, promotion of entrepreneurial spirit, the share of wallet (vested interested), ownership of initiative, lean functional communication, and a simple hierarchical structure. Kairos Capital welcomes new challenges and continues to push existing boundaries within our industry. Not settling for the status quo and breaking down doctrinal rules allow us to explore new opportunities, a pivotal aspect of our business approach that sets us apart from our competitors.



The culture of Kairos Capital embraces both the values of a financial investment company and a charitable foundation.

Uniquely, we combine financial creativity, social innovation, dynamic employment practices and humanitarian compassion.

Knowing that our financial success translates into real benefits for people in need, distress and danger provides a wonderful added incentive for our staff.

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