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Kairos Capital provides unique and tailored investment and asset management solutions on behalf of our customers. We tailor product solutions for fund management companies who are are licensed to practice in their respective jurisdictions. We specialize in bespoke solutions, product innovations and creative investment idea generations.

At Kairos Capital, we source for product innovation solutions with an asymmetric return profile. Products with a risk-adjusted return profile include "Trade Financing Fund" for commodity trade financing and "Asset-backed Alternative Fixed Income", an alternative asset class with a steady stream of cash flows. These types of funds can work with a low correlation to the markets due to their underlying asset classes while offering predictable and steady cash flow. In the opportunistic equity investment space, we help structure for our licensed fund managers various "Search Fund" which includes equity investments in or hybrid loans, into private companies around Asia Pacific that in need of a fresh round of expansion capital in the emerging or frontier markets.

Kairos Capital remains nimble and opportunistic in our strategies. Our perspective on risk is that it is in itself a resource that requires careful management and allocation for value creation.



Looking to develop or grow your business in Asia but not sure where to turn to? Need help with planning or raising financial capital for your next project investment? Are you an SME with ambitions for growth but are blindsided by your size? Let us guide you in your growth plans with our Corporate Finance & Management Strategy Services. Any organization can develop with small incremental changes along its life cycle, but building a robust business for the future in today’s rapidly evolving business environment involves means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Kairos Capital has the expert knowledge to guide you in your business plans for growth in the fast evolving business environment. We work in partnership with the best in the industry and bring the relevant experts to design your road map ahead. We excel to provide the best service to our clients while facing fierce competition in the market. Our competition is vigilant, and at Kairos Capital, we are aware that we have to do more than our competitor. The competition drives us but at the same time, we don't have the luxury to be a single niche expert company. Our Corporate Finance services allow us to get involved in other interdisciplinary practices of Management Strategy.



Asia is the largest and most densely populated continent on the planet. An estimated 4.4 billion people engage in daily economic activities, but close to 1.7 billion people live at the poverty line. There are always diverging perspectives on any given situation. Asia's sudden economic rise has lifted many out of poverty, but it still casts dark and lasting shadows onto the population. The income divide between the haves and have-nots are growing wider. Given the overbearing bureaucracy and policies of some countries, the lack of basic infrastructure or the environmental footprint of industry, social and humanitarian needs are unmet and often inadequately addressed by the mainstream media. To donors outside Asia, such as family offices, endowments and charitable trusts, social injustice, unmet humanitarian needs and various other issues can appear devastating, unsustainable and inaccessible. The non-profit entities that address some of these issues may have the expert knowledge and experience, but find themselves under extreme financial pressure. There is a legitimate need in "Doing Good Well."

Kairos Capital engages in the area of the charitable & philanthropy advisory. We conduct due diligence of Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) by continuously assessing their operations for sustainability and observing their social impact in their particular area. Our experience comes from A) being appointed trustees of other charitable trusts and B) conducting our own surveillance on evolving situations at the recipient level.  We are in constant contact with charitable organizations on the ground via site visits through the Kairos Foundation, the endowment arm of Kairos Capital. 

By assessing a donor's requirement coupled with on the ground local know-how, and accessing regional networks, we optimize maximum social impact and lasting social welfare. 


Kairos Capital is not registered or licensed or regulated by the Monetary Authority Of Singapore. The information contained in this website is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice by Kairos Capital. You should not make any decision, financial, investments, trading or otherwise, based on any of the information contained in our website without first undertaking independent due diligence and consultation with your own financial adviser.

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