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"The Circle" is our network of free agents and associates (circle-partners). These are professionals and domain experts from Investment Banking, Private Wealth Management, Corporate Law, Accounting, and Management Consultancies.


Our circle-partners bring to the table client relationships, deal origination capabilities, and the ability to pool investments or advise or manage funds. 


Negative work ethics often disenfranchises financial professionals within the financial industry, which suffered a tremendous reputational loss in the past decades.


By removing bureaucracy and office politics and introducing flexibility and tailored monetary compensation, Kairos is a relevant alternative. In addition, many are proud of Kairos for being a force for good.

Long before the global pandemic, at Kairos, we believed in "remote-first" to meet the swiftly changing need of the current and future workforce. Combined with our global presence with three offices, Kairos attracts motivated individuals with the highest integrity globally. 


The Circle enables us to attract and retain the best of the best worldwide, while Kairos offers opportunity, lucrative payout, corporate purpose, and work flexibility. 

If you want to learn more about "The Circle Partnership," please get in touch with us below.

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50 Raffles Place, 37th Floor, Singapore 048623

Tel: +65 6829 7270

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