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Kairos Capital is a Singaporean company with a global footprint. Our offices serve as regional headquarters. Here employees can hold offline meetings with clientele and free agents to offer optimum service and facilitate deals.

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The birthplace of Kairos Capital, this has been the Global Headquarters since 2008. Singapore is a flourishing financial center of international repute, servicing not only its domestic economy but many parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

Seoul, South Korea

In 2018, the Seoul office was opened to meet the increasing demand from institutional and private investors in this growing financial hub. Korea is the largest client in the world when it comes to financial institutions.

Night of Seoul
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Irvine, California

The US remains one of the key markets to HNW investors. To provide access to a pull of the financial market more effectively we have opened our doors in 2021. This helps our investors to place deals in the US, and vice versa. Currently, we are advising on US real estate market opportunities to Asian HNW individuals.

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