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“We are doing things now that will benefit ourselves, our children, their children and all the children of the world to come after that.”


In 2008 the year Kairos Capital was founded, the world wrestled with two sets of major disasters.


In May of that year the Sichuan earthquake, an 8.0 Richter scale event killed 140k people.

Later that year, the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US caused a global ripple effect destroying more than  $2 trillion in the global economy. Impacted by the earthquake and the GFC of 2008, Kairos Capital formulated its corporate mission around taking a stance on these issues.

Through the set up of Kairos Foundation (CH), we address the 7 neglected social causes in this world.

At Kairos, we support and perform academic research on investment risks in particular portfolio risk management with the support of the latest enabling technologies. 

For more information, please visit our Kairos Foundation website by clicking on the button below.

“Opportunities for one should create opportunities for all.”

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