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“We are doing things now that will benefit ourselves, our children, their children and all the children of the world to come after that.”

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Sustainability and Social Impact: Welcome


Sustainability and Social Impact: the two main Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Kairos Foundation will give financial support to organizations with a long-term impact in mind. We want to see exponential gains for communities. In light of this, Kairos Foundation has set two very important criteria for selecting donation money recipients: sustainability and social impact.

Sustainability: Kairos Foundation seeks long-term benefits for communities. To meet this objective, the Foundation is led by an excellent management staff with a broad view of the social space and the ability to identify sustainable projects that will have an impact. Likewise, the receiving organizations also need to be led by committed leaders with good management skills.

Social Impact: The donation money will be given to causes that have a noticeable social impact. The Kairos Foundation is interested in donating to organizations that will use the money in ways that will lead to positive results rather than covering the cost of operation or any other non-meaningful way.

Sustainability and Social Impact: About
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