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As a team, we have a combined experience of more than120 years of highly professionals that are motivated and team oriented.

We see “Cultural Intelligence” as an asset to Kairos because it enables us to build meaningful ties with influential families and investor communities alike. We think global and act local. In addition, we feel right at home in dealing with complex cross-border situations. At Kairos, we rise to the challenge by performing thorough analysis and by engineering pragmatic solutions. As a team, we work the extra mile to stay clear from "rubber stamping solutions" and instead deliver bespoke tailored solutions.

Here are our core team members.

Supervisory Board & Executive Leadership

A Combined 120 years of Professional Dedication and Dedication for Excellence.

Aaron Kim

  • LinkedIn

Director & Founder

Roch 3_edited_edited.png

Roch Tay

  • LinkedIn

Director, Corporate Transaction Services

Friedrich Schaudinn_edited_edited.png

Friedrich Schaudinn

  • LinkedIn

Director, Negotiations & Conflict Resolutions

Jean Baptist Laglace_edited.png

Jean-Baptiste Laglace

  • LinkedIn

Director, Strategy & Development


Michael Choi

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Director, Operations & Fund Management

kairos-luke - small_edited_edited_edited

Luke McQueen

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Director, Technology & Innovation

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